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Food Worker License & ServSafe Course Requirements

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Procedures and requirements for the person-in-charge are as follows.

  • The food establishment is to maintain a record of the persons-in-charge and have this available for health department review during normal business hours.
  • A person-in-charge must provide the food establishment with proof of a current food safety certification.
  • The food establishment must be able to show this proof to the health department upon request.
  • If a facility manager does not have a current food safety certification, all shift managers must be certified.
  • Food establishments that do not have proof all persons-in-charge have a current food safety certification will be cited with a critical violation on the health department inspection form. Repeat violations may be cause for suspension of the food establishment operating permit.
    EXCEPTION: Persons-in-charge of low risk food establishments with minimal food preparation as determined by the health authority will not be required to have certification of a high level food safety course such as the National Restaurant Association's Serve Safe course. Persons-in-charge will be required to have a current food worker's license.
  • Persons-in-charge are included in food worker license percentage.

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